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Contact me for Private Consultation with projects on a case by case basis. Whatever your media needs are, I can create your project to your liking and we will go over your desires so as to accomplish how you want your website or other media element to perform.



I specialize in web development and design. Organizing your content to be user friendly is one of my primary goals as your visitors must get the best out of the experience you are trying to give, and obtain useful information without hassle. Web presence is important to establish your business on the Internet which will give you more marketing to your target audience to acheive results from the vast medium of the Internet. Usability is key for your users to get the most of your website and with pleasant results will return again.



I utilize Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, and my personal drawings imported into digital form and enhanced. While I can create the design of your site, logo, or presentation, your feedback is much appreciated so I can design it to specifically reflect your project or company.



Multimedia in collaboration can create a stimulating visual to captivate your audience. This can mean to include Videos, Photos, Flash Animations, Games, Music, and anything that specifically relates to your project.

Moreover, if it is a project that requires teaching or lessons, Computer Based Training CBT can be implemented into your site for your users to get a grip of what they are learning.



I can produce a multitude of media with the final product depending on your project, and your user target audience. Producing Video for Web, or for DVD format; Music in MP3 form to be shared, or burned onto CDs. Games and apps coming soon to production, but will be available for download in iTunes for Apple, or PlayStore for Android.



I utilize a Canon 7D, as well as a Canon Rebel, for quality photography, and Adobe Photoshop if required editing. I shoot for events, model profiles, and boudoir.



I use Industry Standard Pro Tools for Music Development, Recording, and Voiceovers. I can export in whatever file type you wish.


VIDEO: Using the same Canon 7D I can shoot quality Video as well as edit in Final Cut Pro.